My personal background

Some days of reflection on the North Sea coast.

Mario Kleinschmidt


Born in Eckernförde, on the Eastern coast, we already went to Gevelsberg in Northrine Westphalia when I was 1 year old. Years later I visited the grammar school. There obsessed me the permanent five in Latin and in the end it finished me and it follows the so called step into the the "hard life" namely work.


I started with an apprenticeship as an industral clerk at Bilstein, famous for their gas pressure shock absorbers. At the same time I attended the evening school in Hagen to gain the vocational extension certificate. Then follows the evening school in Dortmund for reaching the advanced technical college entrance qualfication. These years of stress in the evening can only understood by someone who has absolved the same.


After that I studied BWL in Hagen with the main focus on marketing. It was a good time and fortunately we didn't have to pay a fee at that time. With two of my study friends I've made a trip to london and we've seen all the places where london is famous for.

After the certificate I've started to work at the advertisement-department at the bilstein-company.
At that time I've met my first wive. One year after our marriage we've been very lucky and have got our son Sascha.

Many years I've worked at this company. Then in 1990 I've stood for some weeks at the clinic for clearness of certain complaints. The result: I've got the disease multiple sclerosis!!

From that day it wasn't anything like before. I fell in a very deep hole and it took a long time to come out. Despite of some trials to avert it in 1996 we've got the divorce.

Some partly lucky and difficulty years alone followed. On the sporty side I've continued the trips to turkey for diving.

Furthermore I've attended the english course and the french speeking connection at the evening classes.

At that time I've searched for some hobbies.
A main thing at that time was also the lucky decision to attend the painting course. I've learned to do water painting with the instruction from 4 various teachers in the last years.
You can have a look at some of these pictures.

On the other hand I've made silk painting. I think even here I've created some nice paintings and it made a lot of fun. please have a look at them.

In 2002 I've a very lucky meeting. I've met  my wife ute for the first time. In 2005 we've married. 


All the time the computer engaded my main interest and so I began with producing of this homepage.

Have a lot of fun during the look of the pictures.